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This is not a sum of my work, but rather a few pieces I believe are worth showcasing.


Whether it be country music stars, world champion athletes, or the average college student, video interviews and their production works are always some of my favorite projects to dive into. 

Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo

Cody Johnson I RODEOHOUSTON Unplugged 2022

Involvement: Audio technician 

Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo

RODEOHOUSTON Unplugged | Barrel Racers

Involvement: Co-filmed, audio technician

Filmed in arena shots on the Rodeo dirt floor as well as assisted with interview filming.  

Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo

RODEOHOUSTON Unplugged Breakaway Roping

Involvement: Co-filmed, audio technician

Filming history being made. 

A&M United Methodist Church

Madison Dishaw | Intern promotion campaign 2021

Lead director, videographer & sound technician

Interviews can be an opportunity to showcase the unpolished side of humanity. While people admire the perfect and polished, we relate more to the goofy, uncut, real side of others. Balancing this side of my interviewees while also keeping them in a professional light is my goal when it comes to video interviews. 

Texas A&M Rec Sports

A King Has Been CrownedMeet ‘Mr. Intramurals’ 2023

Lead director & videographer 

Video Switching Directing

Directed weekly broadcasts comprised of a team of 4 cameras operated by persons and 2 PTZ remote operated cameras operated myself. All camera switching and direction was led myself.

Hard Hat Ceremony

These projects have been by far my grandest videography projects yet. In the peak of COVID-19 pandemic, the Department of Construction Science at Texas A&M University found themselves in need of delivering a Hard Hat Ceremony experience for their much deserving students, with no idea where to start. 

The Hard Hat Ceremony is one of the department's biggest events of each semester. The event is modeled after a traditional graduation, to honor each of the graduating seniors of the department. 

While home in quarantine, I solely conceptualized, designed, videoed, produced, marketed and published the Department of Construction Science's first and second completely virtual Hard Hat Ceremony viewed by over 7.8 thousand people. 

It is important to also note, due to COVID-19 precautions I was unable to personally film content of these projects. Through email and phone calls, I directed professors on how to film segments at home with their personal iPhones, as that was the only filming tool at their disposal. 


Music videography is much more than filming a song. When filming live music I wait for the moments which slow down time for the audience and work to bring that same energy to the screens of others. 

Tell the story

Videography has the potential to be a window into any event. If done well, viewers should feel almost as apart of the experience as those who attended it. It is more than merely pointing and shooting. It is capturing the heart of those there. 

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