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Agricultural Communications & Journalism from Texas A&M University

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 A Bit About Me 

brand management - digital marketer - creator

Here you will find a portfolio of some of my greatest professional works. But to merely skim through these pages is not to know me. If you were to know me beyond a resume you would find…


I am an ambitious, risk taking, woman who thrives off passion, both that of my own and those around me. A storyteller to my very core, I want to present the stories of life which show the rawness of humanity, that generations are defined off of and history books are written from. Stories with the power of bringing people to their knees in grief and to their feet in adrenaline filled inspiration. Whether it be through a paintbrush and canvas, pen and paper, or post and caption, I am a storyteller.


I believe life is far too short to waste time not living joyously and fully. So, I work incredibly hard to live up to my greatest ambitions for myself; using the word “no” as seldom as possible, never seeing the sky as a limit, greeting everyone I meet with a warm southern smile, shaking hands firmly, not sweating the small stuff, eating well, traveling frequently and laughing abundantly.


All of this, in the hopes of inspiring someone else to live a life even grander than mine. That is me.


It is absolutely lovely to meet you.


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