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Kaitlyn McCollum 

Marketing & Communications Professional

Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Communications & Journalism 

Texas A&M University






Indianapolis, Indiana


A Bit About Me

A storyteller to my core, I aim to elevate organizations’ brands by showcasing the radical, untold, and often overlooked work being done by individuals and teams. It is these everyday actions done in the shadows which have true potential to spark inspiration, ignite action in others, and build trust within and for a business. Delivering these stories has been the most rewarding aspect of my career, allowing me to contribute meaningfully to the organizations that have supported me. Recognized for my adaptability and ability to deliver results under pressure, I excel in cultivating strong team dynamics and optimizing communication channels to enhance operational efficiency.

Professional Experience

Communications Specialist II

BioVeritas, LLC.

March 2024 - May 2024

"She delivered high-quality and innovative content, and she also pushed me and others to look at things differently, to find the unique story, and to tell it, even when those stories were seemingly outside of her area of expertise.”

- Ruby Nicholson

BioVeritas Marketing & Business Development Manager

Communications Coordinator

Department of Recreational Sports, Texas A&M University 

July 2022 - March 2024

 "Her unparalleled dedication and effort towards managing our social media accounts have yielded remarkable results, increasing engagement rates by 113.9%, generating over 2 million impressions, and driving over 250,000 engagements on our Rec Sports accounts.” 

- Kelly Vondrehle

 Assistant Director of Marketing Texas A&M Rec Sports

Student Editorial Coordinator 

College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, Texas A&M University 

September 2021 - March 2022

Social Media Intern 

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo 

March 2022

Non-Profit Communications & Marketing Consultant 

Healing Faith Uganda 

January 2020 - July 2021

Communications & Marketing Assistant 

A&M United Methodist Church 

August 2020 - September 2021

Marketing Lead – Assistant to Undergraduate Coordinator 

Department of Construction Science, Texas A&M University 

August 2018 - February 2021

  • Pioneered the development and execution of LinkedIn strategy, driving a 231% growth in net followers, aimed at enhancing company external credibility and building a sense of trust.

  • Curated captivating narratives on the intricacies of fermentation and chemical engineering processes to personify the work at BioVeritas, bridging the gap for potential leads with non-technical backgrounds.

  • Leveraged the skills of a multifaceted team comprised of seasoned marketers, technical experts, laboratory personnel, and business development leaders to launch rebranded website, the establishment of a centralized marketing intranet platform, and the formulation of an exhaustive brand guideline.

  • Managed and optimized social media strategy across diverse platforms including TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube, amassing a collective follower base exceeding 20,000.

  • Curated content to uphold brand identity and educate Texas A&M University students on resources provided by Rec Sports, fostering wellness, development, and inclusivity.

  • Coordinated a dynamic team of over 15 part-time personnel in videography, web development, graphic design, and project management, providing comprehensive training in Adobe programs and professional development to enhance efficiency and equip students with marketable skills.

  • Conceptualized and executed targeted marketing campaigns for 9 program areas and 39 sport teams, resulting in notable increases in registration numbers, such as a 73.8% increase in Fitness & Wellness, 262% in Strength & Conditioning, and 28.4% in Aquatics registrations for the F23-SP24 academic year.

  • Orchestrated high-attendance student-centric events exceeding 5,000 attendees, amplifying campus engagement and brand visibility.

  • Co-management and allocation of a $220,000 annual budget, ensuring efficient resource utilization and financial stability.

  • Researched and composed writing for weekly column titled "Pet Talk," disseminated to newspapers across the USA& Canada, educating pet owners on animal health needs and best practices, in alignment with the mission toenhance animal and human health through education, discovery, and innovation.

  • Garnered publication of articles in 26 distinct news sources, spanning 15 cities, 5 states, and 8hospitals/medical-based organizations, amplifying outreach and impact.

  • Designed and edited monthly marketing and fundraising campaigns throughout the college, ensuring alignment with organizational objectives and brand standards.

  • Curated captivating content for a diverse audience of over 264,000 followers across five prominent social media platforms, spotlighting the enriching and family-friendly cultural experiences integral to annual events, fostering appreciation for western heritage and education.

  • Assisted in the production of exclusive interviews featuring international music icons, world-champion athletes, medical personnel, and event attendees, offering online audiences an immersive behind-the-scenes glimpse into the rodeo experience.

  • Provided customer service by responding promptly to direct messages, comments, inquiries, and reviews across various social media channels while proactively monitoring accounts to identify viral moments, top follower mentions, tags, and potential security threats, ensuring positive online interactions and maintaining brand integrity.

  • Provided strategic counsel to Founder & Board of Directors on enhancing communications, fundraising, and online marketing initiatives to significantly extend social media outreach, substantially broadening the donor base.

  • Assisted in developing guidelines and criteria for requisite skillsets in potential hires for communication and marketing roles, ensuring the organization would be well-equipped for the future 

  • Designed and launched a bi-monthly magazine/newsletter distributed to over 800 congregational members to serve as a comprehensive update on community outreach, fundraising initiatives, member testimonials, driving financial contributions and bolstering registration.

  • Produced 3-4 weekly contemporary video and mixed-media pieces, disseminated across various social media platforms, engagement and outreach.

  • Served as the lead photographer for AMUMC events, capturing pivotal moments and preserving the essence of community gatherings through visual storytelling.

  • Directed weekly broadcasts, managing a team of 4 camera operators, 5 videographers, and 2 PTZ remote-operated cameras while overseeing camera switching for weekly broadcasts, providing lighting assistance, and coordinating broadcasting equipment to ensure seamless execution of live events.

  • Established a communications team of student workers, developed brand guidelines and provided strategic guidance to management, amplifying departmental brand, gain university leadership support, and build industry connections to assist in student and advancing the mission of cultivating students for prosperous careers and leadership roles in construction and related industries through online marketing and storytelling.

  • Directed social media initiatives across four platforms, showcasing student triumphs, career prospects, and industry breakthroughs, elevating awareness of the department's vibrant potential among prospective students.

  • Innovated the conception and execution of the initial two fully virtual Hard Hat Ceremonies, revolutionizing traditional event formats – explained in greater detail below.

Project of Special Note

Professional Experience

Virtual Fall Construction Science Hard Hat Ceremony 

April 2020 - May 2020, Jun 2020 - Aug 2020 

  • Spearheaded the conception, design, filming, production, marketing, and publication of the Department ofConstruction Science's inaugural and subsequent virtual Hard Hat Ceremonies, each garnering an audience of over 7.8 thousand viewers.

  • Revolutionized the traditional Hard Hat Ceremony into a captivating virtual experience, skillfully utilizing digital platforms to recreate the ceremonial atmosphere and engagement of in-person events, ensuring a memorable and immersive experience for participants.

  • Received special recognition from the Head of the Department of Construction Science and the Dean of the Collegeof Architecture for exemplary execution.

Project of Special Note

Software/Technical Skills Proficiency

  • Adobe Creative Cloud

  • Google Analytics

  • Video Editing: PremierPro, Final Cut Pro

  • Graphic Design

  • Wordpress Sufficient

  • Social Media Management: Sprout, Hootsuite, MetaBusiness Suite

  • Project Management

  • Email marketing: Mailchimp, Emma

"One of the greatest traits you can find in a person is someone who betters those around them. Working with Kaitlyn does just that; she helps others become better storytellers, problem-solvers, and thought-partners. In the time that I worked with Kaitlyn, not only did she deliver high-quality and innovative content, she also pushed me and others to look at things differently, to find the unique story and to tell it, even when those stories were seemingly outside of her area of expertise. She is proactive, flexible, strategic, creative, and is an incredible asset to any team."

Ruby Nicholson

Marketing & Business Development Manager at BioVeritas

"Kaitlyn is a natural leader, inspiring and motivating those around her to reach their full potential. She is also fiercely loyal to the team and the university, always putting their needs first. Kaitlyn embodies integrity in all her actions, making sure to hold herself accountable and keeping others accountable as well. Lastly, she is always looking for ways to give back to the community, demonstrating selfless service in both her work and personal life."

Kelly Vondrehle

Assistant Director of Marketing & Communications, Rec Sports

"With Kaitlyn comes an incredible intuition for creative marketing, an uplifting spirit that decorates any room she occupies, and a composure that defines her leadership and encourages all who work with her. Her prolific work ethic and incredible heart epitomizes all that an aspiring marketer should be. Her marketing deliverables, either those directly of her production or instead those produced by individuals under her supervision, carry strategically with them the message of the appropriate campaign and the mastery of a refined craft.

Kaitlyn is an exceptional asset to any marketing team and an integrous leader."

Mason Kautz

Communications Specialist II,  Rec Sports

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